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Range of Decorative Rules

We have a selection of lead rules available.

The rules are mostly in 24 inch lengths (near 61 cm). The rules are supplied type high (0.918 inches).

We have single rules in center and edge alignment and a few double rules. We are able to run these through a roulette jig to convert them to dotted lines if required. We also have a few ornamental styles that will be illustrated here in time.

At times we can cast 30 pica em lengths of decorative borders on the Intertype and here we have a selection of matrix slides to choose from, they are inteded for box borders of small items and usually have a corner element at one end.

We can also make up tables with columns on the Ludlow but they are limited to 22.5 pica em in length for each slug but can be made into rather nice tabular designs with a bit of thought.

We encourage out clients to return all their scrap bits of rules and leading for recycling.