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Available Monotype Fonts

We have available some new old stock (NOS) Monotype fonts available for those out of town customers that are happy to hand set the occasional name when there is a rush or if the order is so small it does not justify the minimum postal charges.

The fonts were cast on a Monotype Super Caster many years ago. They are made from the somewhat harder typemetal alloy than the 'slug cast lines' (Intertype and Ludlow) but not as hard as the traditional 'Foundry Type' that was all hand set before machine composition. They are suitable for letterpress work and Hot Foiling though you have to use them with the same care you would give your slug cast lines, the goal is to use them for many years so smashing the type with excess impression on letterpress or softening them with scorching heat while foiling will result in rounded shoulders long before their time.

We have the fonts in stock ready for shipping but do not have a complete inventory list on hand yet. The sales are slow but the stock is not being replaced at this time. We do have plans to cast new fonts one day in the future but there is no point in waiting for them as if may be a long time still. As we no longer have the staff from 10+ years ago who did the casting we will have to re-learn the process after we rebuild the caster that will allow us to go ahead with the project. Until then you are limited to what is on hand subject to prior sale.

We have a range of fonts and sizes and weights but not a comprehensive range. Also many of the more popular combinations have been sold over the years and so the selection is missing some desireable sizes of popular fonts.

The fonts include Baskerville, Dorchester, Headline, Joanna, Scotch, Times, Univers and Victoria Titiling in some of the following sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 24, 30 and 36 in various weights (Bold and Light, a few Normal), widths (mostly Normal, a few Condensed and Expanded) and styles (mostly Roman, some Italic).

We will be placing a snapshot of the stock list on this site when complete. We have an incomplete list available, plese email to request a copy. The stock take is due in the next few months as time permits.

The best way to decide on a font is to come in and visit, give us a call to make a firm time if you are coming for further afield, sometimes we are called out of the shop unexpectedly.

We encourage our clients to return all their old loose type, redundant type slugs and cut-off leading for recycling to keep your costs low.