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2094 South Africa
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Range of Leading

We use recycled leading to cast fresh leading. We do this as a batch process so there may be times that we do not have a certain width in stock but it will usually be back in a week or two.

The leading is cast standard to 24 inch lengths (near 61 cm). We supply thicknesses of 2, 3, 6 and 12 point. The exact alloy that is used in any given batch is not controlled too much and is made from recycled spacing material and Intertype and Ludlow slugs. It is cast to a traditional low spacing which allows it to be used to support the overhang on the larger Ludlow type.

We will cut spacing to length as per your requirments. We also have used spacing available in shorter lengths at a discount if you are just looking for a small amount to fill a box chase on a foiling machine or desktop press.

We encourage our clients to return all their scrap bits of leading for recycling.